Every day my dogs teach me that something new is possible and that a trained dog is a take anywhere, happy dog!

Dallas: black Labrador Retriever, often mistaken for a bear while out hiking, was afraid of the water but learned to swim, went blind at a young age but was still a therapy dog extraordinaire and an off leash mountain climbing hiking companion, a demo dog for my dog obedience training classes, earned his CGC, loved tunnels and the A-frame in agility, and was an amazing friend and family dog.   He lived to be 16 years old - not nearly long enough. 

Keltie: Belgian Tervuren was a dog who had Cerebral Palsy, barked like a sea lion, fell over a lot and had to be reminded to breath.  He absolutely loved everyone and taught me that all dogs can learn with patience and small steps despite their disabilities.  He earned his CGC, and CD titles.  He lived to be 13 which is five years more than the vets thought was even possible.  I remember bringing him home at 10 weeks and the vet looking at me and telling me I was crazy - this dog should have been put down.  We know the vet was wrong.  I miss him immeasurably.

Soren: Belgian Tervuren born in 2003 and still my favorite brat dog constantly keeping me on my toes.  Soren was abused and is often afraid of people and dogs when he first meets them but minds his manners and will do a wonderful down stay with a few grumbles until he gets comfortable around people.  He has his CGC and his CD titles and is currently my copilot around town and the dog you will most likely see at your dog training lessons.  He was also the best man at our wedding.  We're still working on rally obedience (which is a blast) and hiking despite his arthritis and neurodegeneration.  Thank goodness for great vets, acupuncture and pain meds because he loves to work and can't understand that he should slow down!

We anticipate a new addition in the near future (late fall 2016): a new Belgian Tervuren puppy!  (Okay, it's not nearly near enough but I'm impatiently waiting.)

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