Serving the Centreville, Chantilly, South Riding, Fairfax, Manassas  &  Surrounding Areas of Northern Virginia

Where do we train?

I offer lessons at two locations:  The Yappie Cuttery/Blooms Crossing Animal Hospital in Manassas Park and at the house in Centreville.  Depending upon your dogs needs and progress we might also go out on a "field trip" in Fairfax or Prince William Counties.  The dog walking group also does regular "field trips" around Fairfax and Prince William Counties.

What is a minor behavior issue?

Minor behavior issues are things like pulling on the leash, barking, chewing, digging, begging, jumping up, play biting, mouthing, and general manners like crate and house training - all fixable through obedience training.

I see agility equipment on your website - do you teach agility?

The short answer is no (but if you'd like to lend me the land to store and set it up consistently then I'd be happy to teach agility again).  I use agility equipment intermittently to build confidence in anxious or nervous dogs and as a really fun exercise for the dog walking group as it adds an element of movement and excitement for all the dogs and owners alike.  I also like seeing the surprise and delight on the owners faces when they discover that not only can their dogs conquer the obstacles but that they love doing it!

What equipment will we use?

Most dogs will be using Herm Sprenger or Mueller prong collars, Micro-mini prong collars, Ecollar Technologies Mini Educator remote collars, Ecollar Technologies Boss remote collars.  I find that the quality, gentleness and effectiveness of these collars make them stand out from the pack.  Occasionally I will recommend a different piece of equipment.

Is my dog too old to train?

Nope!  Your dog is never to old (or too young) to train.  Granted the older and more ingrained the previous behaviors and habits are the more we have to work to unlearn them but just like people, dogs learn new skills throughout their lives.  Also like young children, puppies have shorter attention spans and need a lot more rewards but they have few bad habits to unlearn and pick concepts up incredibly fast.

Okay, what's a major behavior issue and can we fix it?

Major behavior issues are things like severe separation anxiety, dog aggression, people aggression and resource guarding behaviors.  Separation anxiety and resource guarding behaviors are generally fixable and I work with them all the time.  Serious dog aggression is often fixable and true people aggression is often manageable, however, I will most likely send you to another experienced trainer buddy whose set up is better able to deal quickly and effectively with those issues.

A Better Companion Dog Training

Same dog, only better!

What's the dog walking group?

The dog walking group is a free practice group for my clients after they have achieved basic control of their dogs to get them out around other people, dogs and places to further expose them to distractions in the real world.  We use it to challenge and encourage each other to continually practice and do better.  This group is not a dog social or play group.  Dogs will be challenged to walk politely with each other through crowds, do long down/stays or place commands and overcome the challenges of variable surfaces and noise levels.