On & Off Leash Manners for YOUR Family Dog

Currently my pack includes:

A Belgian Tervuren (Kyrie pronounced Kear EE)

A rescued terrier mix (Seamus pronounced ShayMus)

A precocious Maine Coon cat (Breacan pronounce BrEE Can)

Two cuddly Guinea Pigs (Emeber and Snowstorm)

A wall sticking Crested Gecko (Smog)

Three somewhat cranky Leopard Geckos (Dragonfly, Savannah and Cinders)

The most important, supportive and loved people in my life:

Matheu my amazing husband

Anna our awesome daughter

I like listening to my daughters stories and looking at her art, going for motorcycle rides with Matheu and watching science fiction.  My addictions are playing with my dogs, reading (massive amounts of reading), learning, going for walks, ice cream and chocolate, and playing computer games (Skyrim, Oblivion and Morrowind are my current favorites).

Packmembers who've passed on:

Dallas, Black Thing, Squeak, Henry, Mia, Hayseed, Keltie and Soren.

I have always loved dogs and began working with them shortly out of high school as a grooming assistant and kennel attendant at a training facility.  However, working with them was not enough, I needed to know more.  So I went to dog training school and in July of 1996 I graduate from the National K-9 School for Dog Trainers as a Certified Professional Trainer.  I have been training professionally ever since. 

I have worked with area vets, groomers, and rescue groups, done therapy work with the Delta Society (now Pet Partners), provided demos for cub and boy scouts, helped with merit badge counseling, participated in AKC obedience and rally competitions, taught fun agility and trained several service dogs.

Every aspect of dogs is fascinating: training, diet, nutrition, behavior, and structure.  I am a knowledge addict - you can never know it all or even know enough to stop learning.  Therefore, through continued reading, participation in professional associations (National K-9 Dog Trainers Association, the International Association of Canine Professionals, and the T3 alumni), email groups, select Facebook pages, seminars and other continuing education opportunities such as the Volhard Healthy Dog Conference, I am continually expanding my knowledge base, training methods and available tools.

I know what an impact nutrition, reasonable vaccination protocols, essential oils, chiropractic and acupuncture increase our dog's quality of life, increases lifespan, and decreases vet bills.  I have first hand experience that they also dramatically affect a dog's behavior and train-ability!  Dogs on good food simply are better.

Dogs need balance in their lives.  A balance of structure to freedom and a balance of yes and no, praise for learning and accomplishment and reasonable consequences for refusing known commands or inappropriate behavior.

Each dog is an individual and each family is unique.  Personally, I love discovering your goals, desires and needs in order to customize training for your family so that you can succeed.  I work with all sizes, ages and types of dogs, with all kinds of behavior and physical issues.

I want to explain simply, coach effectively and inspire your success.​

Sarah Crum, CPT

My goal is to help you reach your goals.