Enjoy your dog again!

  Think back to when you first got your dog.  I bet you were looking forward to playing ball, long evening strolls, sitting outside a cafe with your new friend or relaxing on the couch after work, and I'm sure you thought everyone would fall in love with your new best friend.


Perhaps, things are not as good as you envisioned, or you're down right frustrated with your dog even after attending some dog training classes - now is the time to change all of that; now is the time to have the dog you want.

​Everyone wants a good dog, but they often do not know how to get there. That's what I do.  I help people to have the dog they want.  Just think - no more embarrassment or frustration, just peace of mind with a well mannered dog who listens to you reliably.

Check the links below to learn about Residency Training options  ~or~ Personalized Lessons.

If you are ready for a change, I can help!

 Do you want your dog to behave?
  • Are you stressed or late for work because your dog won't come when called?


  • Are you embarrassed when your dog jumps on guests or pulls you down the street?


  • Are you sick of finding your stuff chewed up?


  • Have you tried dog training classes before, but are still frustrated with your dog?

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A Better Companion Dog Training

Same dog, only better!

Just the other day in residency training: This is Chloe's 4th day of training.