Everyone deserves a well behaved dog!

If you have a puppy that needs to get the best start in life, an adult dog who pulls on the leash and jumps on guests, or an older dog who's failed at training in the past - I can help.

If you struggle with finding the right way to motivate your dog or getting rid of irritating  behaviors - I can help.

Helping families is my job, my specialty and my passion - I'm here to help you train your dog.

I will teach you and your dog how to communicate quickly, easily and effectively, allowing you to make manners and obedience a consistent way of life.

Imagine taking your dog hiking, to a soccer game, to grandma's house, into a store or being able to relax with him at a cafe or a family reunion.  It's totally within your reach.

Check out the rest of my site and you'll see lots of examples of dogs behaving calmly in all kinds of situations.

If you want to see how I train or what we're up to head on over to my Facebook page for reviews, pictures and videos of the dogs I'm training now.​


I believe dogs are meant to be enjoyed - if you aren't enjoying yours I'm here to help.

Helping Dogs Make Life Appropriate Choices

Sarah Crum, CPT

On and off leash dog training for your family dog!