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Life Appropriate Choices!

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To see client dogs whose lives are changing, head on over to my Facebook page for reviews, pictures and videos.

Everyone deserves a well behaved dog and it's easier than you think!

If you need to stop the pulling, are frustrated that your dog won't come when called, are embarrassed when company comes over or feel overwhelmed by your dogs misbehavior, anxiety or destruction - I can help you eliminate the emotional pain and set you up to enjoy your dog again.

Helping families is my job, my specialty and my passion - I'm here to help you have the best dog possible!

I will teach you and your dog how to communicate quickly, easily and effectively, allowing you to make manners and obedience a consistent way of life.

Imagine taking your dog hiking off leash along the beach, to your kids soccer game, to grandma's house for a visit, walking through a store calmly, or being able to enjoy a bagel with him at a cafe or relax and enjoy a family barbecue .  It's totally within your reach.‚Äč

dog trainer Sarah with dog in heel and off leash dog running free
loved dog between two people

To start your dog's transformation into the dog you've always wanted, click the link below:

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I believe dogs are meant to be enjoyed - if you aren't enjoying yours, let's fix that!

Check out the rest of my site and you'll see lots of examples of dogs behaving calmly in all kinds of situations.